The magic of a photo cannot really be captured on a screen. Therefore, as often as possible my pictures travel around the country to be exhibited. My pictures wish to get in touch with you. To feel your emotions, reactions, discussions. Make them happy and come and take a look

8.12.2017-22.12.2017: 95. Art Market, Römerhallen, Frankfurt am Main, Mo - So 12-20 Uhr, no entry fee

Video from 2016: YouTube

13.-15.4.2018: Science & Fiction Festival Munich

Martin Rehm Ausstellung Martin Rehm Ausstellung
Martin Rehm Ausstellung

Former Exhibitons (Selection):

2016: Nord Art - International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Hamburg/Buedelsdorf, Germany
2016: Römer, Fankfurt am Main, Germany
2016: Photo Biennale, Karlsruhe, Germany
2016: International Art Exhibition, Strasbourg, France
2016: German Association of Journalists (DJV). Berlin, Germany
2016: Foyer, Darmstadt, Germany
2015: Museum of Communication, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2015: consumART, Nuremberg, Germany
2015: Museum of Industrial History, Nuremberg, Germany
2015: Kurier-Magazine-Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2015: Nikon-Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany
2014: Retro-Perspektive "ExtRehm", Fritz, Kulmbach, Germany
2014: Kreis-Galerie in der Straße der Menschenrechte, Nuremberg, Germany
2014: Quelle-Sommerkollektion, Nuremberg, Germany
2014: Siemens-Gallery Treppenhaus, Erlangen, Germany
2014: Photo Spring Break, House of Artists, Künstlerhaus, Nuremberg, Germany
2013: Quelle-Summer Collection, Nuremberg, Germany
2013: Bravour, Institute of Technology, Nuremberg, Germany
2012: photokina, Cologne, Germany
2012: Designers Night, Nuremberg, Germany
2010: "Photography + me = good Feeling", Nuremberg, Germany
2009: "Istanbul - Magic city between East and West"
...and many different other exhibitions.

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